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Weekly update: European Court bans two German insecticides, new plans to reduce single-use plastic

Insecticide ban

The European Court of Justice has confirmed a ban on two bee-harming insecticides made by German company Bayer. The ruling follows a challenge to an original decision by the court in 2018, over a ban implemented by the European commission in 2013.

Insecticide distribution. Photo: emersonbegnini via Pixabay


From 2023, all restaurants and cafes in Germany will have to serve takeaway food and drink in reusable packaging in addition to any single-use options. However, there are exemptions for smaller businesses, which leave environmentalists sceptical of the regulation’s effectiveness.


Less than a week after the Constitutional Court’s ruling over environmental laws, the governing Union parties have made a drastic U-turn after years of heel-dragging on the climate. Pressure on the party following the ruling, alongside the run-up to September’s elections, appears to be changing their stance.


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