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Weekly update: coal exit news, national meat consumption falls, Germany's first quantum computer?

Merkel rejects expedited coal exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected demands to bring forward an exit date for ending coal-fired power in Germany, currently set at 2038. As reported by Reuters, Merkel said: "Those affected need some reliability on the path to climate neutrality. I don't want to unravel this again after one year."

A coal-fired power plant. Photo: Benita Welter via Pixabay

Meat consumption

Germany produced less meat last year, while demand for vegetarian and vegan products has skyrocketed, according to the Federal Statistics Office. The total value of meat products has fallen by 4% following a 10-year high up to 2019, whereas Germany's meat substitute industry has increased in value by 37% and has seen a production increase of almost 39% in the same period.

Germany's first quantum computer?

The German government is set to invest €2 billion in building the country's first quantum computer. A contribution of €1.1 billion by 2025 has been pledged by the science ministry, while the economy ministry will provide a further €878 million. The largest share of the total funds, €720 million, will go to the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).


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