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Founded in October 2018, Moment is a student-run, online publication

and weekly email bulletin of German news and culture.

How does it work?

1. The email bulletin

Our weekly bite-sized bulletin keeps you up-to-date with the latest news in Germany. We sort through the clutter and send you the most important and interesting news to your inbox. It's informative and current, helping to boost your cultural knowledge and language skills. The bulletin also includes interactive polls, music recommendations and sections such as: 'word of the week'. It's completely free.


2. The website

Our team of contributors write articles on a host of topics spanning German politics & current affairs, arts & culture, travel, history, sport, film & TV and more. You can find the latest news stories as well as our reviews and opinion pieces here

Read our articles:


Our aim is threefold:

1. To produce informative, educational and up-to-date articles on German news and culture 

2. To build a community of readers and contributors interested in all things Germany

3. To provide a platform for students to showcase their writing skills and explore their interest of Germany




Written by students and designed to be read by people with a mutual love of all things Germany.


Featuring a range of topics, angles, ideas and a healthy mix of fact and opinion.


An English-language publication promoting German culture and German language learning. 

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