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Word of the week: vorglühen

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

vorglühen Verb: to pre-drink

The separable verb vorglühen can be used colloquially to refer to the action of pre-drinking. It usually means to preheat, but is used in the vernacular to talk about drinking alcohol before going out to a party or a nightclub.

As a noun: das Vorglühen. Wir treffen uns bei Karl, um vorzuglühen – gell*? = We’re going to meet at Karl’s place to pre-drink – right? Ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Studentenlebens ist, dass man vorglüht, bevor man ausgeht. = An important part of student life is that you pre-drink before you go out.

*Some linguistics-related trivia: ‘gell’ is a typical colloquial interjection you might hear in South Germany and Austria, usually meaning ‘right/isn’t it’ This particle differs from region to region in German-speaking countries: an interesting article on that can be found here.

A bar of alcoholic drinks. Photo: Pexels

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