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Word of the week: weglächeln

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

etw. weglächeln verb: to smile sth away

weglächeln is a colloquialism for an action you might do if something is bothering you, where you keep up a positive exterior to give off the illusion that everything is fine – you might smile away a problem or a difficulty.

For instance:

Ich musste meine Tränen bei der Arbeit weglächeln. = I had to smile away my tears at work.

Einige Probleme kannst du nicht so einfach weglächeln. = You can’t smile away some problems so easily.

Sie lächelt unangenehme Situationen gern weg. = She likes to smile away unpleasant/uncomfortable situations.

Smiley face. Photo: Gino Crescoli via Pixabay


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