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Weekly update: stars of the Deutschrap scene storm the charts

New releases

Nathan Evans’ Tik Tok sea shanty ‘Wellerman’ remains at the top of the German charts, twelve weeks on from its first entry (for comparison, it’s languishing in fifth place in the UK). Nonetheless, there’s plenty of homegrown talent in the mix. Unsurprisingly, the front runners come from the Deutschrap scene. Santos, Sido and Samra’s ‘Leere Hände’ and Luciano’s ‘Kids From The Block’ sit in second and third place, respectively.

Meanwhile, Nura’s new single ‘Niemals Stress mit Bullen’ is an explosive and defiant condemnation of the German police, complete with irony, vitriol and a hard-hitting hook. Ansu’s latest track ‘HÖR ZU’ adapts American trap for the German market, with a distinctive whisper-like rap style, while Miwata’s ‘Wie es sich dreht’ is a Post-Malone-style banger.

Song of the week - ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’ (1982) – Nicole

17-year-old high school student Nicole Seibert remains the only German to have won Eurovision with a song in the German language. ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’ secured West Germany the top spot at the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate, England. Nicole went on to record versions of the song in a further five languages, and it remains one of the most successful Eurovision tracks ever.

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