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Weekly update: new tracks from Von Wegen Lisbeth, Lotte and breakout star Edwin Rosen

New Releases

Berlin indie rock outfit Von Wegen Lisbeth have returned with ‘L.OST’, an electronic-led track with a retro feel, and a video set in an American-style diner.

Elsewhere, Lotte’s ‘Bleib nochn Tag (Ladadi)’ is clearly a celebration of the arrival of summer, and of the tentative reopening that is taking place in Germany. The track opens with the observation that ‘the sun is already shining through [her] window’. Its optimistic, forward-thinking tone makes it the perfect piece for the time of year.

Breakout star Edwin Rosen, who first came to prominence in 2020 with self-released music that he sees as a ‘neueneue deutsche Welle’ in reference to the West German ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ of the 70s and 80s. The post-punk, synth-pop elements of The Vaccines combines with the haunting vocals of Joy Division. ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’ is a track that seems destined to be a great live spectacle, with a faster tempo and more cheerful tone than his previous releases.

Song of the week – 36grad – 2raumwohnung

Berlin-based duo 2raumwohnung have been a real hit on the German dance scene since the turn of the millennium, known for their innovative combination of electronic and acoustic instruments.

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