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Weekly update: Max Giesinger, JEREMIAS, Nura and more

New releases

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Max Giesinger has returned with the catchy single “Irgendwann ist jetzt” (roughly translatable as “someday is today”). Though the track does not specifically reference the current crisis, its focus on the frustrations of anticipation and indecision seems particularly relevant to the prolonged lockdown in Germany.

Following the success of their EP alma last year, JEREMIAS have released “Nie ankommen”, an easy-listening funky affair. The music video follows the band on a sun-soaked road trip down to Italy, with some stunning alpine views along the way.

Nura is back again with “Ich war’s nicht”, an explosive new single, continuing her recent return to the more aggressive style of rap that served her so well when she was part of the rap duo SXTN.

Elsewhere, Takt32, Badmómzjay and Berliner DJ Jumpa have teamed up for “Irgendwie egal”, a hard-hitting track with a strongly American hip-hop feel. Takt 32’s dark and distorted verses are complemented by Badmómzjay’s super-clean approach.

Song of the week – Kraftwerk – Autobahn

Legendary electronic outfit Kraftwerk released their revolutionary debut album Autobahn in 1974. The marathon 22-minute title track is still considered a revolutionary track in electronic music.

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