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Weekly update: Peter Hook interview with der Spiegel

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K and Tom Carson

Peter Hook, bassist of the legendary dance-rock band New Order, chatted to der Spiegel about his strained relations with the band. ‘Hooky’ departed the band in 2007 with the ensuing public spat since turning into a long-running courtroom dispute.

From 2011 onwards, New Order and Peter Hook and the Light both performed separately. However, the re-release of 1981’s EP, Movement, has seen the estranged parties (almost) appearing together in a string of YouTube videos posted by New Order’s official account, recapping and reflecting on the creation of the band’s seminal masterpiece:

Eurodance, happy hardcore, trance; call it what you will, the German band Scooter is one of the country’s most successful music exports, selling over 30 million records worldwide. They are currently touring Germany, Denmark and Poland among others, reliving the glory days of rave music. Have a look through their discography and see how many tracks you recognise. For tour dates click here; for Spotify here.

Is it really worth getting all caught up in finding out the history and heritage of certain music genres? Is it distracting us from appreciating current music? Should we stop tracing the origins of current music in a rush to categorise sounds? Read about this debate here.

In another victim of Clubsterben in Berlin: nightclub St. Georg has closed its doors. Read about how the city is having to free up more space for work and how clubs are always likely to fall victim in the process.

Read a interview with Motor City Drum Ensemble ahead of his headline slot at DGTL in Amsterdam this spring.

German composer and conductor Franz Bader is bringing the ‘Game of Thrones’ soundtrack to life on stage. The Czech Symphony Orchestra will be performing renditions of the fantasy tv show across Europe. Read an interview with Franz Bader on the importance of film and television music.


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