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Weekly update: Capita Bra's "Prinzessa", Rolan 808 drum machine

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

Talking Heads, Kanye West, Frankie Knuckles, Whitney Houston…the list goes on. These artists have all seen immeasurable fame through songs produced on the Roland 808 drum machine. The timeless sounds of the 808 are being re-programmed into a cheap alternative from manufacturer Behringer. Many home studios will now have access to the classic snares, claps and cowbells for a fraction of the price of the original. Read about the specs of the new Behringer 808 here.

This week’s top tune is Capital Bra with Prinzessa. Another number one for an artist that consistently dominates German chart-music. Lyrics such as, “Dein Vater hat ein Wettbüro, Ich wette, deine Liebe ist nicht echt wie deine Fake-Hublot” questioning the authenticity of love.

Read this interview with 18-year-old music talent Gudrun Regelein, talking about the role of music in her life, her many accolades and the difficulties of maintaining a routine which juggles studying with her artistic output.

“Heute leider nicht”, the three words of dread many have heard from the lips of German nightclub bouncers is now the theme of a new documentary. Read further about the premise and watch the trailer for “Berlin Bouncer” with famous Berghain doorman Sven.


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