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Weekly update: New release from Skee Mask

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

This week's number one is Russian-born, Berlin-raised rapper Capital Bra, released on Bushido’s record label, one of Berlin’s most famous names on the rap scene. Drawing from American gang influences, the song has a rough beat and lyrics to match, hinting at a small glimpse of Berlin street life. Our one to watch: Rilan and the Bombardiers, a rising name showcasing a mix of the old, the gold and a charismatic front-man, tour Germany this month.

Bryan Müller, aka Skee Mask, has a new release on Illian Tape. The Munich man’s new album Compro is a step away from his renowned broken drums and eerie soundscapes, instead presenting something akin to reserved ambience. However, with this 12 track release his production remains aimed at kicking dance floors into life.  You can stream Compro on spotify now, and watch an interview with Skee Mask below:


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