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Weekly update: MERO tops charts with Hobby Hobby

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

  • Top of this week's German charts is MERO with Hobby Hobby. Born in 2000, (yes he’s 19 years old!) the rapper gained notoriety through posting videos on Instagram in 2017. Since then he’s had two number one’s and looks to have amassed a cult following, with lyrics heavily influenced by English music: “Ja, sie wissen, meine Flows waren schon immer killer”. Listen here:

  • “Mal Klavier von links, mal Gitarre von rechts, mal Chorgesang.” Read about how this school in Hamburg is using music as a means to deepen students learning capacity.

  • Rock-music label Staatsakt from Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin celebrates its 15th birthday - a testament to its quality to be able to continue thriving in a world where views and streams outweigh vinyl discography. Listen to the weird but wonderful ‘Miete, Strom, Gas’ here.

  • Has music changed beyond recognition? Are we stuck in an era of music produced purely to feed the demand of the media? Read about what Neil Young has to say about a lack of ‘Woodstock Lebensgefühl’ in the current global music landscape.

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