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Weekly update: Spotlight on Damiano von Erckert

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

The spotlight this week belongs to Damiano von Erckert. Damiano was born in Recklinghausen but moved to Cologne to set up the vinyl imprint AVA. His records have featured music from big names such as Funkycan, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Mall Grab.

Damiano has features globally at many festivals and has played to all the top dance floors across Europe, including Panorama Bar in Berlin, Concrete in Paris and Corsica Studios in London. He has also pursued other creative outlets, making two short films. Check out his music here

February 13th marked international Day of the Radio, this year celebrating 113 years of music, news and sounds, since its invention. Read about the rich history of the radio and the effect it’s had on society here.

For regular readers of, the name Capital Bra will be familiar. The German rapper has had nine number ones in ten months but his air time on radio is minimal due to the content of his songs. Bild Zeitung outlines why his music doesn’t fit the bill for many radio shows here.

One of Germany's most beloved bands, Die Toten Hosen have recently released a documentary showcasing their career, a film which aired this week at the Berlin Film Festival, the Berlinale. Read about how the film was received here.


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