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Weekly update: 187 Strassenbande at no.3

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

  • No movers (only shakers) at the top of the German charts this week - so here’s an unheard track coming in at number 3. Seems like the interest in Nike TN sneakers has made it way over the Channel. “Guck einmal, der Benz und die Rolex sind bezahlt. Ich trag' nur TNs, über 160 Paar”. Watch the ‘187 Strassenbande’ crew video below:

  • Eight number one hits in a year, the most streams of any artist in Germany: Capital Bra has signed for Universal Music. The new joint music venture already has a number one to its name - last weeks number one: Benzema. How long until we start seeing German music on UK top 40 lists?

  • Read about how music can play a role in solving political tensions in an interview with Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

  • Beloved record-player manufacturer Technics has unveiled a new range of turntables. The SL-1200 MK7, designed for DJ's, is the first ‘accessible' turntable since 2005 but priced at nearly €1000, questions are being asked. Read about the new specs and decide for yourself!

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