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Weekly update: DJ: M.ono

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

This week, is taking a step away from the charts and instead presents the German ‘musician of the week’,  the first in the 6-part mini-series.

First up is Leipzig-based producer and DJ: M.ono, pronounced [em dot ono]. With numerous releases on Heist Recordings, Rose Records, and with arguably his most well received track, ‘Holding Back California’, acclaimed by Heidelberg’s own David Mouffang or Move D, who featured M.ono on his Fabric 74 compilation CD in 2014.

M.ono is one to get to know if you like grooves and house. Take a look at the review of the CD here.

In other news, read about the power of the cello solo from Spiegel Online’s music columnist.'s album of the month is Soundstream – Love Remedy. The funky, disco-tinged album has been heard on dance-floors across Europe. The 20+ year old label is now a stalwart of the German record scene.

Dresden is following in the footsteps of Berlin and Leipzig in its request for 24-hr licenses. Currently, doors to venues are closed at five or six in the morning, with peace and public order to be restored thereafter. However, with a growing scene and a demand for longer concerts and DJ-sets, petitions are underway to extend the opening times of many clubs around the city.


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