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Germany in the UK update: new German Ambassador to the UK

New German Ambassador

Andreas Michaelis has taken up his new role as German Ambassador to the UK. He expressed his ‘great delight and privilege’ in doing so on the German Embassy’s Twitter account.


Famed Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchher has died aged 81. The German artist captured the group’s stardom after watching them perform in Hamburg. She took the first photo of them as a group at the city fair in 1960. Read more here.


The Huf Haus, a high-end German kit house, was featured in the Times this week. Described as ‘the architectural equivalent of marmite’ this modern angular house has captured the heart of minimalists and eco-lovers alike. Decide for yourself by reading the article.


The Royal Opera House is considering hosting one-act operas in a bid to save its future amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The article references German composer Richard Wagner’s operas. His masterpieces vary considerably in length - Das Rheingold is 150 minutes whereas Götterdämmerung is 5 hours. Find out more here.


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