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Weekly update: The Keeper out in cinemas

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

By Ben Rowe

The Keeper has been released in UK cinemas. Bert Trautmann, a former prisoner of war from Bremen became one of the most acclaimed British goalkeepers of his generation, playing eventually for Manchester City. Catch early reviews here, here and here!

With a potential of 100,000 German jobs being affected by a no-deal Brexit, it’s a major concern for leader of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. In an interview with the BBC, she states that she would support a second referendum and hopes that the UK remains close to the EU.

According to Quartz, the difference between British and German attitudes towards the EU is rooted in how the European project is taught in schools. Quartz’s research focused on the portrayal of the EU in school textbooks. Unsurprisingly, German textbooks included references to EU culture and politics in far greater depth than those in the UK.

Following the success of series such as ‘Dogs of Berlin’, Netflix has 3 original German films in the works. Netflix will collaborate with established production companies such as ZDF and the films will be released from 2020. Find out more about what to expect here.

Walter Presents, the video on demand service of UK’s Channel 4 which helped to bring Deutschland 83 to British screens has launched another German drama, Bad Banks. The TV mini-series, set in the murky world of Frankfurt’s banking industry, is reviewed here by the Guardian.


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