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The German Revolution: Expressionist Prints at the Hunterian

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

By Benjamin Rowe

Scotland’s oldest gallery, the Hunterian, is currently showing the exhibition: The German Revolution: Expressionist Prints at the Hunterian. The show, which includes work from artists such as Max Pechstein, captivates how the medium of print allowed for easy diffusion of political messages within art. You can read a review here.

On Friday, Norbert Röttgen, member of the CDU and chair of the foreign affairs committee at the Bundestag, declared that the UK should be granted an extension on Article 50. Find out more on the BBC, including what other European countries have to say on the latest Brexit debates.

Why Learn German? The Goethe-Institut in London has curated an exhibition, based on the views of their students, which explores the reasons in favour of studying the German language.


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