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Contemporary Artist Spotlight: Bettina Dittlmann and Michael Jank

When Germany emerges from lockdown, the Danner Rotunde jewellery space in the Pinakothek der Moderne gallery in Munich will open their freshly curated collection, starring Bettina Dittlmann’s jewellery sculpture, ‘Wohin’. You can read FAZ’s recent profile on artist Bettina Dittlmann and her husband and co-creator Michael Jank here.

Dittlmann makes abstract, structural jewellery out of recycled materials, which can be found at museums across the world, including here in the UK at London’s V&A Museum. The artist duo has been collaborating on ‘Fürimmerringe’ (Foreverrings) since 1998; a series of hand-cast rings of all shapes, sizes and metals.

The pair forge them by hand using only a hammer and a metal punch, reworking them repeatedly until the metals release their natural vibrant hues and each are uniquely, perfectly marred. This stunning photo set by Stuttgart photographers Myrzik and Jarisch shows them at work in their studio-home in Passau, surrounded by their raw materials: primarily rusting, battered old buckets ready to be dismantled and moulded anew.

Left: Dittlmann and Jank. Source: Right: ‘Fürimmerringe’ Source:


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