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Phrase of the week: etwas hinter die Ohren schreiben

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

sich [+Dat] etw. hinter die Ohren schreiben

         Phrase: to be sure to remember sth.

This idiomatic expression literally translates to ‘writing something behind your ears’. Apparently, ancestors used to call their children as witnesses to important events and cuffed/patted them on the back of the ears so that they could remember the event better and pass on the knowledge to later generations.

  • Ich habe dir schon tausendmal gesagt, dass du mich vorher fragen sollst, bevor du an meine Kunstsammlung gehst. Schreib dir das endlich hinter die Ohren!  = I’ve already told you a thousand times to ask me before you approach my art collection. Be sure to remember this!/Get this into your head!

Bunny ears. Photo: stux via Pixabay

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