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Word of the week: die Jause

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

(die) Jause

Noun: snack / tea (BrE, meal)

This word is typically used in Austrian German to refer to a snack, usually something cold that you can bring with you easily – essentially like a small packed lunch. For instance, a sandwich can be considered a 'Jause'.

Synonyms: (das) Imbiss, (der) Nachmittagskaffee, (der) Snack, (die) Zwischenmahlzeit

· Wenn wir morgen wandern gehen, sollst du eine Jause dabeihaben.

· When we go hiking tomorrow, you should have a snack with you.

· Was wollen Sie zur Jause essen? – Ich hätte gern eine Brettljause.*

· What would you like to snack on? – I would like to have a Brettljause*.

A Brettljause (literally: board snack) is a traditional snack in Styria, Austria, of a selection of things such as meats and cheeses, served on a wooden board or plate. A short recipe and a comprehensive list of possible ingredient combinations can be found here.

A typical Austrian Brettljause. Photo: Allegria via Wikimedia Commons


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