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Word of the week: die Ostalgie

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

(die) Ostalgie noun: nostalgia for the former GDR

A mix of the words ‘Osten’ (the East i.e. East Germany) and ‘Nostalgie’ (nostalgia).

It refers to feeling nostalgic for aspects of life in the former Communist East Germany.

„Ostalgie ist nicht mein Ding“ = Ostalgia is not my thing(Günter Schabowski, SED (quote from interview with Die Welt, 09.11.2004)

„Könnte man im Zuge der grassierenden Ostalgie die DDR auf dem Mars wieder aufbauen?“ = Could one rebuild the GDR on Mars in the wake of the spreading eastalgia/Ostalgie? (quote from Die Welt, 26.08.2003)

Graffiti from Berlin's East Side Gallery, showing a Trabant - the car seen to be symbolic of the GDR. Photo: Caro Sodar via Pixabay


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