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Weniger stressen, besser essen: Nuremberg

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

(Stress less, eat better)

Nuremberg is dense with cobbled streets and historical significance. Once the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire and later the centre of the German Renaissance, Nuremberg became a focal point for Nazi propaganda and was chosen as the site of annual Party rallies. Today, the city boasts several international-standard museums, a picture-perfect old town and a reputation for the finest Franconian cuisine. However, man cannot live by Bratwurst and Lebkuchen alone, so here are some less traditional recommendations to fuel your sightseeing.


Based exclusively in Nuremberg, Suppdiwupp’s menu changes daily, offering an ever-innovative stream of soups to delight vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. They have a permanent base on Lorenzer Straße, but two soup trucks also rove the inner city, setting up at a new location every day at 11 am. This small business has sustainability at its heart; they are committed to using seasonal ingredients grown in regional fields and their motto promises ‘ehrlicher Geschmack, wie bei Oma’ (‘Honest taste, like Grandma’s’). As if one needed more convincing, unlimited bread from a nearby bakery is available with every bowl.

Image credit: Suppdiwupp's website, linked below.

If you can resist settling into their Lorenzer Straße seating, a Suppdiwupp lunch is best enjoyed river-side on one of the many benches set along the Pegnitz. Take in the charm of the Altstadt and the peace of the water while inducing envy in all those who pass you by.

To find out what Suppdiwupp is serving today and where, visit their fabulous website.


Germany seems to have something of a gastro-burger obsession and Nuremberg has not escaped the craze. Unabashedly calorific, MAM MAM offers almost as many vegetarian options as meat-based ones, with vegan cheese and BeyondBurger alternatives to boot. To leave a burger unaccompanied is not the MAM MAM way, so be sure to pair yours with their Chili Cheese Fries and -why not- a Ben & Jerry’s milkshake. 100% of the beef used is sourced in Bavaria and the restaurant’s walls, menus and social media platforms feature the work of young local artists.

Image credit: @mam_mam_burger on Instagram.

MAM MAM has two branches within the Altstadt: one near the south boundary and one on Innere Laufer Gasse. Less than a 10-minute walk from this latter outlet sits the Burggarten (castle gardens), beautifully manicured with benches aplenty and views overlooking the north of the city. If the weather allows and your self-restraint survives the journey, it’s a stunning spot to enjoy an indulgent lunch.

To keep track of all things MAM MAM, follow them on Instagram.

Lorenzer Eiswerkstatt

Also known as Lo3, this boutique ice-cream parlour walks the tightrope between comfort combinations and esoteric sophistication. From ‘Madagascar Vanilla’ to ‘Mango Lassi’ to ‘Sour Cherry Earl Grey’, high-quality is guaranteed regardless of how adventurous you choose to be. Lo3 is rightly proud of its considerable vegan range and new flavours come and go throughout the year. ‘Blood Orange Poppy Seed’, for example, was fazed out as autumn rolled in, but new additions, including my personal recommendation - ‘Cinnamon Chili Chocolate’ - ensure you’ll never be left wanting.

Image credit: Lorenzer Eiswerkstatt on Facebook

Located practically at the foot of Lorenzkirche, Lo3 is the perfect pit-stop during a wander through the Altstadt. Having picked your flavours, you can continue north on Königstraße or alternatively head for Insel Schütt, a small island in the middle of the city. Accessible by numerous bridges, you’ll find a park with -pandemic dependent – a bustling fair.

To see the latest additions to Lo3’s line-up, follow their Facebook page.


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