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Weekly updated: lockdown emotions encompassed in stormy new track from Lostboi Lino

New releases

Lostboi Lino’s ‘Gewitter’ is a track that sees the Stuttgart-born rapper come to terms with the ‘storm’ in his mind, but come to a euphoric realisation that ‘nichts ist für immer’ (nothing lasts forever). The track has all the hallmarks of lockdown reflections: existential angst, repression, and a glimmer of hope amid the chaos.

BHZ, a seven-piece rap and DJ group from Schönefeld, Berlin, return with ‘Hood Nights’, a trap-influenced outing, as they each recount their experience of nights out in their South Berlin hood. The group have greatly reduced the tempo from the usual style, similar to the relentless ‘boom bap’ that took Berlin by storm in the 1990s.

The DoDo’s ‘Wenn der Mond scheint’ is a party anthem for a time without parties, and he’s well aware of that. The video is largely confined to a hotel room, and concludes with the police stopping his car on a seemingly illicit night-time excursion.

Song of the week – Die Fantastischen Vier – Die Da!?!

Stuttgart rap quartet Die Fantastischen Vier’s ‘Die Da!?!’ was one of the first commercially successful rap songs in Germany, and is one of the most iconic tracks of the 1990s.

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