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Weekly update: 'Woher' released

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

New Releases

Rappers Sido and Bozza grabbed the headlines with their new track“Woher”, giving their testimony about life on the fringes of German society. In a track full of social commentary, it is the post-chorus that hits hardest, with the repetition of a simple question that encapsulates their sense of marginalisation: “Where am I from?”

Meanwhile, Kölner quartet AnnenMayKantereit released “Gegenwart”, which truly captures the Zeitgeist of a second German lockdown. Henning May’s rough and raspy vocals and a nostalgic instrumental are fitting for the lead single from their new album, 12, “an album produced under shock”, which seeks to register the trauma of the coronavirus crisis. The result is somewhat fragmentary and deeply unsettling.

Song of the week –“Sonnendeck”– PeterLicht

PeterLicht’s 2001 electro-pop hit was a hit was something of a mystery when it was released: a home-made feel from a newcomer that found a place in the German charts alongside the greats. The lyrics are as eclectic as the sounds which accompany the track: it’s almost like Kraftwerk without the robotic voice effects. The titular sundeck is followed by a series of seemingly disconnected images: a solarium, radar, an aquarium, and a glacier, but it’s irresistibly catchy.


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