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Weekly update: wind and solar installations plummet, climate activist Lisa Neubauer speaks out


Germany, the birthplace of the clean energy transition, is now struggling to keep the transition going with the once impressive pace it set many years ago. The number of new wind and solar installations being added each year is plummeting, last year 6.3 Giga-Watts of capacity was added. Should this trend continue, the country will fail to meet its own currently unambitious target of 15-20GW, let alone match that of many other western nations.

Wind turbines. Photo: Matthias Böckel via Pixabay

Climate crisis

The following interview with climate activist Luisa Neubauer covers the difficulties of bringing the climate crisis back to the top of the agenda in the run-up to the federal elections in September and the problems with the current policies of all major parties running.


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