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Weekly update: Vienna's Volkstheater returns, unexploded WWII grenade found in Tyrol


The government is planning a gradual ‘return to normality’ for the summer. From 10 June, venues will be able to host guests at up to 75% capacity. The news was met with enthusiasm by the organisers of summer festivals such as Frequency in St Pölten.


After more than one year, performances are back to the Volkstheater, the so-called ‘problem child of Viennese theatres’. Watch the interview with the new director Kay Vogel on the house’s new beginning here.

Volkstheater, Vienna. Photo: Bwag via Wikimedia Commons


A nine-year-old boy stumbled upon an unexploded grenade from WWII whilst playing on a private construction site in Tyrol. The war relic was secured and removed by police forces.

Marking the centenary of the Austrian Federal Gardens, the Austrian Post has launched a limited-edition, rose-scented stamp.

Word of the week

The German word ‘der Eimer’, ‘bucket’, is known in Austria colloquially as ‘der Kübel’.

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