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Weekly update: Vienna anti-lockdown protest, Minister for Women steps down


Around 10,000 people demonstrated in Vienna on Saturday against current COVID-19 restrictions. FPÖ party leader Herbert Kickl took part in the event with a speech against the government’s policies. The police sued and arrested many protesters not adhering to COVID rules. A left-wing contra-demonstration on bicycles was also organised.

Vienna. Photo: andreas N via Pixabay


After 12 years of service, Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek (SPÖ) has resigned from her role as Minister for Women. Her successor will be the 27-years-old MP Eva Maria Holzleitner.


Nordic combined athletes Johannes Lamparter and Lukas Greiderer won a gold medal in team sprint with large hill ski jumping at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship.


Historian Wolfgang Koch paints a detailed portrait of the extravagant, eclectic and almost forgotten artist Viktor Rogy in the Wiener Zeitung, pleading for his long-overdue rediscovery.

Austrian Word of the Week

The German word ‘die Treppe’, ‘stairs/staircase’, is known in Austria as ‘die Stiege’.


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