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Weekly update: VE day in Germany marked

VE day in Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel and federal president Steinmeier commemorated the victims of the war and Nazi era at the Neue Wache memorial in Berlin. They thanked those who gave their lives to liberate the country and warned against the dangers of nationalism.

Coronavirus update

The number of new coronavirus cases increased for three consecutive days as social distancing measures were announced until 5 June. However, the infection rate (R) still remained low.

All states agreed on a lockdown exit strategy involving a state-by-state relaxation of restrictions based on local infection rates.

Focusreported further mass anti-lockdown protests in multiple German cities including Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

However, Germans continue to overwhelmingly back Merkel’s response to the crisis according to the latest Deutschlandtrend survey.


In a controversial move, Germany’s constitutional court undermined the European Court of Justice in determining the legality of the European Central Bank's public bond buying. Read more on this 'revolutionary' ruling inThe Daily Telegraphand theFinancial Times.

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider died of cancer aged 73. The band pioneered electronic music in the 1970s and achieved a No 1 hit in the UK.

Sky News shared a video of a socially distanced drive-in rave taking place in Schüttorf.

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