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Weekly update: Gießener electronic and rap group OK KID return with new single

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

New releases

The Gießener electronic and rap group OK KID return with a single that also refers to the seasons in its title, “Frühling Winter”. However, in this case, there is a much more precise focus on the winter of 2020-21, and the disastrous consequences of coronavirus restrictions on the creative and events industries in Germany. In a disclaimer, the band have clarified that this is “not a protest against the government’s measures”, rather, it is a collective “cry for help”. In this spirit, a wide range of art forms are featured in the music video.

Elsewhere, Lina Maly and Dead Rabbit have released their collaborative EP “Winter” in full. Each track builds on the slow-paced lead single “Alles schläft”, released in November last year. However, it is the final track on the EP, “Fast schon Winter”, that stands out, taking Maly’s bittersweet reflections to new heights.

Song of the week: “Perfekte Welle” – Juli

Juli’s “Perfekte Welle” (2004) was one of the biggest German pop-rock hits of the noughties. The band were at the forefront of the revival of German-language rock music, due in no small part to singer Eva Briegel’s powerful lead vocals and zeitgeisty song-writing.

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