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Weekly update: Berlin Gigafactory - how environmentally friendly is Tesla really?

Updated: May 9, 2021


How environmentally friendly actually is Tesla? This article seeks to answer that question in the context of their new Gigafactory outside Berlin. Tesla criticised the slow pace of planning approval with the accusation that bureaucracy is inhibiting the fight against climate change. The claim, however, that Tesla is helping and not hindering that goal is far from clear, and given the unusually fast planning approval already - with 2/3 of the plant build in 16 months after the original application - it is far from slow.

Tesla Model X. Photo: Blomst via Pixabay

Curfews and coronavirus

The following article reviews the effectiveness of night-time curfews in reducing coronavirus infection rates. Night-time curfews are due to be implemented as part of a draft law passing the Bundestag this week which will allow the federal government to impose restrictions on individual states when infection rates rise above 100 per 100,000 in a 7-day period.


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