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Weekly update: study published into the transmission of Covid-19 in concert arenas


A study has been published from an experiment into the transmission of Covid-19 in concert arenas. The experiment was carried out in August at the Leipzig arena. The key finding was that in areas with a low infection rate, an event can go ahead with up to 50% arena capacity, provided there is sufficient ventilation in the arena and that participants wear masks at all times.


€110 billion needs to be invested in the German energy network by 2050, Eon and RWTH Aachen have found. This is in order for the power grid to be able to handle the increased load from wind and solar input needed to supply the electric transport and recharging network.

Climate Change 

Earlier this month, an expedition led by the marine research institute AWI in Bremerhaven returned from the Arctic, having examined the effects of climate change.


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