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Weekly update: strained relations between Austria's governing coalition, Tyrol risks quarantine


Last week’s forced deportation of three schoolgirls has strained the already difficult relationship between the parties of the governing coalition. Despite condemning the Austrian People Party’s (ÖVP) asylum politics, the Greens (Grüne) did not challenge the deportation decision. However, Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler (Grüne) has announced he will take ‘further steps’ to protect children’s rights.

Kogler in 2014. Photo: Franz Johann Morgenbesser via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0


Due to the spread of the so-called ‘South-African’ mutation, the whole state of Tyrol could be put under quarantine.

The country’s hard lockdown will be eased from Monday with non-essential shops, museums and schools reopening. Restaurants will remain closed and cultural events banned.


Carolina Schutti has released her new novel Der Himmel ist ein kleiner Kreis, a book about two women and their shared sense of loss and hope.

Word of the week

The German word ‘der Pilz’, ‘mushroom’, is known in Austria as ‘das Schwammerl’.

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