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Weekly update: Shirin David, Badmómzjay and the return of punk rockers Die Ärzte

New Releases

The Deutschrap scene has regained its dominance at the top. Shirin David, often regarded as Germany’s answer to Nicki Minaj, is back with ‘Ich darf das’, a single where she reminds listeners that she is at the pinnacle of German rap, and at the peak of her career.

Meanwhile, Badmómzjay’s ‘Tu nicht so’ is the voice of the TikTok generation. The Berlin-based rapper slows the tempo from the hard-hitting, explosive hits she released earlier this year. Perhaps the highlight is the question she poses to her critics: ‘if the sound’s too hard for you, then why don’t you listen to Coldplay?’.

Veteran punk rockers Die Ärzte return with ‘Ich, am Strand’, with singer Farin Urlaub describing the various stages of growing up with plenty of irony and biting social commentary. In the chorus, trips to the seaside come to represent a breather between the different stages of Urlaub’s life: fitting that his surname literally translates as ‘holiday’.

Song of the week – ‘Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)’ – Marteria

Rostock-born rapper Marteria’s 2013 hit expresses the frustration of being a fun-loving rapper while all his friends have ‘grown up’ and don’t party like they used to.


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