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Weekly update: restrictions to ease in Austria from 19th May


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced nationwide re-openings starting from 19th May. Restaurants, cultural venues and sports centres will open their doors to visitors with either a negative test or a green pass, a confirmation of vaccination.

A restaurant in Vienna, Austria. Photo: David Mark via Pixabay


Upon request of the Municipality of Vienna, the National Assembly (Nationalrat) has lifted Herbert Kickl’s parliamentary immunity. The leader of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) had violated social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing during an anti-lockdown protest and is now liable for prosecution.


The Tyrolean rapper NENDA has released a new song, a catchy blend of British English and Austrian dialect. Borders is a political statement on the absurdity of geographical and mental boundaries, alluding to the deportation of Tina, a secondary school student forced to leave Austria for Georgia. Listen to it here.

Word of the week

The German word ‘das Kissen’, ‘pillow’, is known in Austria ‘der Polster’.


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