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Weekly update: restrictions lifted further, Israel 'one-sidedness' controversy


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has announced a further, substantial easing of the coronavirus restrictions in June. The unexpected announcement has been criticised by Health Minister Mückstein (Grüne), who fears that vague promises will upset citizens.

Bar. Photo: LEEROY Agency via Pixabay

Amidst sinking rates at national level, Vorarlberg is still classified as ‘red’, meaning the risk of infection remains high in the state.


In the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the buildings of the Chancellery flew the Israeli flag. As a result, an Iranian minister cancelled an official visit and Turkish president Erdogan ‘cursed’ Austria. Former Austrian President Fischer regretted how ‘Austria showed a clear one-sidedness, in spite of its neutrality’.


The Linz-born writer Teresa Präauer discussed her work and new text Erste Ausfahrt (First Exit) at the Austrian Society for Literature. Watch the interview here.

Word of the week

The German word ‘das Krankenhaus’, ‘hospital‘, is known in Austria as ‘der/das Spital’.


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