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Weekly update: powerful pop hit from Mark Forster and LEA, Badmómzjay's flow flourishes in new track

New releases

Mark Forster and LEA combine in ‘Drei Uhr Nachts’, a powerful pop track. There’s a lot going on. 80s-style synths and driving bassline are no surprise in a track that’s all about the sesh.

Badmómzjay’s ‘badmómz.’ is a statement of intent from a rapper who has been making waves this year on the Berlin scene. She’s been all over TikTok and Instagram this year, but this track represents a new step in her career. No features, no catchy hook, just a varied and effortless flow.

Berliner songwriter Madeline Juno, responsible for the title track of the 2014 German blockbuster Fack ju Goehte, has returned with ‘Du fändest es schön’, an imagined journey back in time to tell her past self that everything will be ok.

Song of the week - ‘Meine Kneipe’ – Von Wegen Lisbeth

Indie pop outfit Von Wegen Lisbeth’s ‘Meine Kneipe’ sets a simple but effective scene. Lead singer Matthias Rohde takes on the role of a pub landlord, declaring that he is completely indifferent to what people do, so long as they steer clear of his establishment. The irony and eclectic imagery of the lyrics perfectly fit the feel-good funkiness of the instrumental.

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