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Weekly update: Possible UK travel ban to be introduced

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Possible UK travel ban

Germany has proposed an EU-wide ban on all non-essential travel from the UK this week to stop the spread of a new coronavirus variant, in the hope to avoid unilateral border closure.

A plane leaving Manchester Airport. Photo: xenostral via Pixabay

Erasmus for Wales and Scotland?

145 MEPs have written to the EU Commission asking it to explore ways to allow Scotland and Wales to continue participation in the Erasmus exchange programme, after Brexit saw the termination of Britain’s membership. Students in Northern Ireland can still participate through an agreement with the Republic of Ireland.

Translators’ workshop

The Goethe Institut’s monthly online English-German translators’ workshop will be held on 4 February. Participants can discuss passages or queries from a translation they are working on, or just come to listen and offer feedback.

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