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Weekly update: new releases galore from hip hop and rap to Austrian pop

New releases

Chill hop rapper Cro combines with Teesy in ‘HÖR NICHT AUF’ , a typically melodic, laid-back affair. Another big hip hop release of the week was Xela We, Chakuza and Feli Debbi’s ‘Niemals Genug’, which deals with the pressures of fame.

Meanwhile, rap duo Tiavo and absent up the tempo with ‘Warum lachst du nie’, even if the track won’t get the club exposure that a song of its kind would normally enjoy.

Granada’s new song ‘Blüte’ is a breath of fresh air. The Austrian quintet are known for their use of dialect and accordions, and their distinctive interpretation of Viennese and Styrian musical traditions. But in this track, it is the rhythm section which stands out, with a driving bassline, varied percussion and a trippy, colourful video.

Song of the week – ‘Roller’ – Apache 207

Apache 207’s ‘Roller’ is among the most-listened German tracks on Spotify, with almost 260 million hits. Hailing from Ludwigshafen, just across the water from Mannheim, Apache combines rap and autotuned vocals in a driving dance hit. His style is influenced by Eurodance and House, but it also taps into the dancehall and Reggaeton styles that have proved so successful in Spanish-speaking countries.


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