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Weekly update: new releases from Knossi, Sido, Manny Marc and Sashy Hellinger

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

New releases

Knossi, Sido, Manny Marc and Sashy Hellinger have capitalised on the early onset of Christmas spirit in Germany with “Heiligenschein” (halo). The veteran Deutschrappers’ ironic lyrics are set against an old-school, 90s-feel beat in a festive collaboration that’s well worth a listen.

Deutschrap may be known for its aggressive, direct style, but Cro’s music is a welcome change. His latest single “Hoch” combines a tasteful bassline and slow tempo in the verse with a rousing chorus, supplemented by a gospel choir.

Meanwhile, Lune combines the German and French languages in her new track “Entourage”, an effortlessly catchy, fast-paced follow-up to her October hit “gebe auf.”, which reached number two in the German charts.

Song of the Week – “Zu Spät” – Gurr

This German duo have been catering for indie and garage rock fans across the world ever since they formed in 2012. Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee are both strong vocalists, and their guitar sound would fit comfortably into Spotify’s Sing Along Indie Hits playlist. Though most of their work so far has been written in English, there are often a few German-language gems on their setlist. Among these, “Zu Spät” is one of the standout tracks.

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