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Weekly update: new release from JEREMIAS, unconventional Deutschrap collab

New Releases

Indie four-piece JEREMIAS return with ‘ich mags’, a typically funky, mellow affair, released ahead of their album ‘golden hour’. This song is certainly befitting of that title.

Deutschrap legends 187 Strassenbande have teamed up with fellow leading lights Bonez MC and Frauenarzt in a new track called ‘Extasy’. It’s an unconventional piece for Deutschrap, with a beat loosely inspired by Berlin electronic music. Unsurprisingly given the title, illegal drugs feature heavily, though this is an inevitable consequence of discussing German nightclub culture.

Meanwhile, Lostboi Lino’s ‘Männer’ seeks to consider the possibility of a new approach to masculinity. At a blistering pace, he exposes the emptiness of traditional gender norms. The most resonant of the questions that he poses is repeated in the chorus: ‘at what point can a man be called a man’?

Song of the week –‘Wem du’s heute kannst besorgen’Faber

Swiss singer-songwriter Faber has continued to make waves in the German-speaking world. His world-weary, introspective observations and storytelling are captivating by themselves, but with the backing of an outstanding, experimental band, something which is seldom found in German-language pop music. His music has been likened to the experience of a summer Erasmus party. You need only listen to this track to find out why.

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