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Weekly update: LUNA's big break with 'Verlierer'

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

New Releases

Newcomer LUNA has got her big break in the German music scene, with“Verlierer”. The track deals with the implications of a toxic relationship and the “pathological” potential of love. It’s defiant, powerful and catchy.

Meanwhile, Luciano’s“AQUA”was the biggest new release this week in the flourishing Deutschrap scene. It’s full of flexing, and doesn’t stray far away from the standard catalogue of themes, but the reference to the UK scene was a pleasant surprise: “Connect UK, wagwan?”

Tiemo Hauer’s“Alle Geschichten”is a timely reflection on the need for more empathy in a coronavirus-stricken world. Hauer sets a vivid scene in his track: a busy evening in a supermarket, full of stressed and overwhelmed shoppers, each with their own personal “Geschichte” (story), unrecognised in a world devoid of mutual understanding.

Song of the Week – “Hurra die Welt geht Unter” – K.I.Z. and Henning May

In the title track of their fifth studio album, K.I.Z. paint the picture of a post-apocalyptic anarchist utopia, with Henning May’s characteristically rough vocals providing the perfect anthemic refrain. The destruction of the institutions that underpin a capitalist German state is celebrated, in a typically bold political statement.

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