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Weekly update: 'lockdown light'

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


After the new 'lockdown light' began in Germany this week, the Chancellor has appealed to the country to stick to the regulations. Merkel reminded Germans on Monday that if they obey restrictions during November, there remains a possibility of more freedom in time for Christmas. 


Following the fatal terrorist attack in Vienna this week,German police have raided the properties of four young men believed to have had ties to the 20-year-old attacker. They have reassured the public that there is no suspicion that the individuals in question took part in the attack. 

US election

Various high-profile German politicians have expressed deep concern over the instability of the US election this week, with the Defense Minister warning of the US facing a possible crisis. However, official government sources have shied from direct criticism, maintaining that the German government “has faith in US democratic tradition and institutions”. 


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