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Weekly update: Lina Maly’s “Alles Schläft”

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

New Releases

Lina Maly’s“Alles Schläft”is a track that’s full of surprises. Though it starts out a slow-paced affair with a simple verse-chorus form, the introduction of a plethora of effects on Lina’s voice, double bass and a crisp drum part give this track a depth that makes it more than worth a listen.

Meanwhile, Berlin-based newcomer Dominik Hartz, known for a low-stress, lo-fi style comparable to Loyle Carner and Tom Misch, has released his most successful track yet: “Ja ja ich weiß”.

Betterov’s“Platz am Fenster”is something of a blast from the past, with guitar parts that would fit comfortably into any of The Cure’s early albums. The retro feel of the instrumental-only serves to accentuate the nostalgic subject matter: a tribute to a formative childhood friendship ending in painful separation.

Song of the Week

“Wenn es gut ist” – Olli Schulz

Olli Schulz is now a TV personality and podcaster of wide renown in the German-speaking world, but first and foremost, he’s a fantastic songwriter, whether the material is serious or satirical. “Wenn es gut ist” from his 2012 album SOS Save Ollie Schulz, deals with the instability of love with remarkable elegance.


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