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Weekly update: Labour day in Austria marked


Take a look at how the political parties used the iconic Rathausplatz in Vienna for Labour Day celebrations. Due to coronavirus, the SPÖ moved its traditional May March (Maiaufmarsch) from the capital’s square to virtual channels.


Shopping centres, hairdressers and all other shops larger than 400 square metres weree allowed to re-openas of Saturday. Entrance is limited, with each customer required their own area of 10 square metres. As a result,long queues at shop entranceshave been commonplace, in particular at IKEA stores.


Austria is facing a severe draughtas only 7mm of rain was registered throughout April compared to last year’s 50mm. Anticyclones blocking damp air from the Atlantic and climate change have been identified by climatologists as the main causes. Vienna is particularly affected: one half of its surface is covered by green areas which are essential for the urban micro-climate.


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