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Weekly update: Kurz aims to reopen Austrian-German border


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is looking to reopen the Austrian-German border‘ before the summer’, given the latest drop in infection rates. He said the measure will be essential for ‘families, commuters and tourism.’ Tyrol is likely to be the state most affected by the border closure, as German visitors account for 50% of all summer tourists there.

75th Anniversary of Liberation Day

Federal PresidentAlexander van der Bellen addressed the nation to commemorate the75thFest der Freude(‘Festival of Joy’), the Austrian ‘VE Day’, marking the end of WWII in Europe. The President stressed how ‘there can be no humane present without remembering the past’ and called upon the population to believe in ‘Austria’s ability to master challenging situations’ in this time of crisis.


The Austrian cabaret artist Lisa Eckhart, famous for her provocative sketches, has been accused of anti-Semitism and racism. Social satire or discrimination? Watch her controversial 2018 performance here.

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