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Weekly update: Chart-topping new releases and song of the week

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

New Releases

Katja Krasivice and Elif have shot to the top of the charts in Germany with their track “Highway”, a catchy tune in which both artists recount their rise to fame.

Nura, once part of the chart-topping rap duo SXTN alongside Juju, is back with another solo project. “Hier Oben” is certainly reminiscent of the hard-hitting, fast-paced style that made SXTN famous. Adlibs and rap clichés abound, but they’re always delivered with flair and irony.

Nura at Kosmonaut Festival, Chemnitz in 2019. Photo: Florian Koppe via Wikimedia Commons

Elsewhere in the Deutschrap scene, Luciano has dropped “Suicide Doors”, as he looks to keep up the momentum following four consecutive Top 10 albums in four years. If you’re into grime, he’s the man for you: he even featured on a remix of grime artist Headie One’s “Ain’t It Different” last year.

Meanwhile, Hamburger band Selig strayed from their usual experimental and grunge rock style with “Spacetaxi”. A slap bassline cuts through the mix, along with funky guitars that wouldn’t seem out of place in 70s disco funk.

Song of the week“Alles Gute”– Faber

This 2016 single from Swiss singer Faber is a statement of self-confidence in the face of adversity.


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