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Weekly update: Kasimir1441 and Badmómzjay team up for “Ohne Dich”

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Berlin breakout stars Kasimir1441 and Badmómzjay have teamed up for the track “Ohne Dich”. Kasimir’s typically relentless, aggressive rap style is complemented by Badmómzjay’s more chilled-out sound. With a combined age of 39, these two rappers belong to the flourishing new generation of Berlin rap spearheaded by Symba and Pashanim.

K.I.Z’s politically charged new track “Rap über Hass” responds to AFD politician Dr Bernd Baumann’s criticism of their performance at the #WirSindMehr Festival, organised to protest against the right-wing extremist attacks in Chemnitz, Saxony.

Following their EP Die Kids sind okay, released in late 2020, punk rockers ZSK have released Ende der Welt, which is a must-listen for fans of Green Day and blink-182. Despite the apocalyptic title and their efforts to capture the Zeitgeist of the pandemic, it’s ultimately an upbeat album.

Song of the week – "Airwaves" – Pashanim

Pashanim’s “Airwaves” is a celebration of the rapper’s life in the vibrant Berlin district of Kreuzberg, featuring eclectic references and a colourful music video that does the city justice. The track is full of references to Pasha’s favourite designers, footballers, and French rap culture.

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