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Weekly update: is Germany beating the virus?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

By George Hartley

Germany: beating the virus?

Merkel suggested on Thursday that the strict social distancing measures in Germany have slowed the Coronavirus spread. The country has a relatively low death rate compared to other countries, with 2,100 fatalities recorded so far. 

The vast majority of Germans remain optimistic in spite of the crisis according to a survey by Der Spiegel, with over 62% believing Germany will fare well during the pandemic.

The Guardian reported that Germany’s federal system is proving advantageous in the coronavirus situation, with its multiple large public health offices and laboratories. 

60 mobile ventilators produced by German manufacturers Dräger and Weinmann are to be donated from Germany’s army to the UK as the NHS prepares for the expected peak in mid-April.

Reuters described how Germany was able to immediately start contact tracing its first cases of community transmission at a car parts supply company in Bavaria. 


2020 marks the twentieth year of Merkel’s CDU leadership as she became the first female leader of a German political party, remaining the most popular politician in the country. 

AfD leader Joerg Meuthen has been criticised by the party after he suggested expelling more radical wings to build a broader support base. 

Deutsche Welle posted a photo gallery allowing a virtual walk around some of Germany’s most scenic gardens and parks while the country remains locked down.


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