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Weekly update: Holiday-makers circumvent lockdown restrictions in Tyrol

Updated: Feb 1, 2021


Holiday-makers allegedly circumvented lockdown restrictions and organised après-ski parties in St. Anton (Tyrol). The police reported 96 violations after raids in local hotels.

St. Anton, Tyrol. Photo: Abbeylein via Pixabay


A forced deportation of underage students caused a stir in Austrian society: three girls, born in Austria but without Austrian citizenship, were sent back to Georgia and Armenia after a court ruling. Protesters trying to stop the deportation were dispersed by police, accused of using excessive force. The event prompted several demonstrations against “inhumane practices of deportation and disproportionate police violence”.

In an official statement, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen condemned the deportations, calling on politicians to better protect children’s rights.


A monk has confessed stealing and selling the over fifty artworks that had disappeared from the monastery’s cathedral in Krems (Lower Austria).

Word of the week

The German word ‘der Spaß’, ‘fun’, is known colloquially in Austria as ‘die Hetz’.


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